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Classic Tarot Poems You Can Read Online

Over on the Tarot Poetry Twitter account, I’ve occasionally posted links to websites that feature classic poems about the Arcana. Here is a collection of those links:  Petrarca_Francesco-The_tryumphes_of_Fraunces_Petrarcke-STC-19811-348_20-p44

In another post, I wrote about Petrarch’s connection to Tarot. You can read his Trionfi, or Triumphs, here.

There are a couple English translations of Teofilo Folengo’s tarocchi appropriati scattered around the web: one is on Tarotpedia and another is on Folengo.com. The latter is the full text of the Chaos del Triperuno—Tarot sonnets begin on page 139 of the PDF.

William Blake has been connected to the Tarot by many authors; some connections can be found in his poems “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” and “The Four Zoas.”

W. B. Yeats is at the nexus between Tarot and poetry. Some of his works that use Tarot imagery are “Blood and the Moon,” “The Tower,” and “The Fool by the Roadside.”

The co-creator of the most famous Tarot deck, and one of Yeats’ contemporaries, wrote a number of poems and edited an anthology of fairy poetry. A. E. Waite’s poetry can be read on the Hathi Trust Digital Library.

“The Waste Land” by T. S. Eliot is one of the most famous poems that references the Tarot. An interesting hyperlinked version can be found here.

Robert Creeley wrote a few Tarot poems, including “Zero.”

And Sylvia Plath’s poem “Daddy” references “Taroc,” as do some of her other works.

This is certainly not a complete list, but just a few classic Tarot poems for your reading pleasure.