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Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Arcana: the Tarot Poetry Anthology contributor Joanne M. Clarkson. Without further ado, I turn the blog over to her.

“Warning: Have no
             easy gods.” – Rusty Morrison from History of expression

Tarot reader

Joanne M. Clarkson, photo courtesy of the author

“Write from the Muse.” I received this phrase in a dream. Before I fell asleep I had asked the Universe how I could infuse my poetry with more truth and beauty, how my writing could be a genuine gift to self and to the world. And I was answered.

But, as I knew well from years and years of Mediumship, Spirits don’t exactly speak English and replies take some deciphering. Like poetry. Like Tarot spreads. And it is essential to view everything from the Highest Heart and the additional intuitive Eye (I). What did “Write from the Muse” mean?

In my Psychic practice I use both Palmistry and Tarot readings to answer questions and gain insights for querents. I was taught by my mystic grandmother when I was a little girl. I have known for years that writing poetry both informs and grows out of this gift and skill. My grandmother’s artistic blessing was designing and sewing clothes. With each stitch she would gain new perspectives. For me, it is each word, each string of syllables, as though I re-make my own DNA.

So after receiving my phrase, I knew I was my own Querent and I needed my Cards to unravel the message. When making contact with ones who have passed or when communicating with spirits and guides, I use a Question/Answer technique. I have the Seeker formulate 3-5 specific questions about aspects of a topic. Then they select (cut, spread, draw, somehow choose) 1-3 cards in response to each question. Occasionally, if the message needs clarification, we draw an additional 1-3 cards, but this is rare.

Before each reading I say a protection prayer, surrounding myself and the querent with the white-gold light of the Creator’s love and healing protection. We ask that a clear channel be established between us and whomever wishes to speak with us and we affirm that all communication received will be only for the highest good of all concerned.

For my “Write from the Muse” fortune, I used John Holland’s Psychic deck, my go-to deck for personal readings. This deck includes chakra cards. My questions were:

Psychic Deck by John Holland

Psychic Deck by John Holland

  1. Is there a god for each poem or One overriding Muse?
  2. How do I discover and become acquainted with my Muse?
  3. Could I have a description of my Muse?
  4. How do I call the Muse when I need her?
  5. How do I thank the Muse?

For the first draw, I chose one card: 1 the Root Chakra. I remind myself over and over that the Tarot is often literal. One Muse.

Second, I spread and selected the 9 of crystals and the 3 of cups. For me this meant that to discover my Muse I must go into my higher Mind, beyond worry or understanding. The 3 of cups for me is a ‘generational’ card, my genetic ancestors and my past lives. The Muse is growing out of my truest most universal self both in this world and beyond.

Psychic Deck by John Holland

Psychic Deck by John Holland

Even before I asked the third question for a description from the Cards, an image keep appearing in my left peripheral insight where most of my visions originate. It was the head and withers of a huge dusty golden horse, galloping. I cut a single card: 7 Major, The Chariot, but in this deck it is called Triumph and features a front-on view of someone riding a bronze-colored horse with only the head and neck visible! This is the only card in the deck that features a horse. It means the power of the soul – in conjunction with guides as spiritual support – to achieve any goal.

The two cards of the fourth choice were not a surprise to me. I received the 9 of cups, the Wish card, and the Ace of crystals. I need to simply Ask for the Muse in a focused way.

When I queried about thanking the Muse and spread the cards, four became so obvious that I turned them all over. I got one card from each suit. They urged me to choose wisely, partner with like-minded souls, be confident of a positive outcome – yet to be aware that any endeavor is not without heartache. And sometimes this is the greatest gift. I am indeed grateful for whatever I receive.

Joanne reading Tarot at the Arcana release party

Joanne reading Tarot at the Arcana release party

Out of this reading and based especially on the 5th response, I have evolved a regular practice that has been easy for me and very helpful when writing. After calling my Golden Horse Muse, I divide the deck (I keep one deck divided to save time) into 5 piles: each suit and the Major Arcana. I draw one card to describe: the world, the mind, the heart, the spirit and a theme or lesson. And I write from one or all of these, using whatever jumps out at me: image, detail, color, number, message, ancient meaning.

I cannot even express what a blessing uniting with my Muse continues to be for me. I feel that, since my dream, my writing has taken on new depth and meaning and I am now making progress on a project I have been thinking about for years. Please feel confident about finding your perfect personal Muse who is eager to be revealed!

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